Get Inspired to Try a New Trend!

Yellow is in for the trendy win. If you haven't noticed this color in every store window, then where have you been? Its all about this color currently. Why not bring in the sunshine wearing yellow!

Blending in or standing out?

I think both when it comes to camouflage bottoms currently being a big deal!

Black and white...sounds about right. Stripes are so a thing. You either want a stripped top or bottom, and pair it with any trendy color to give your outfit pop!

Red, red, bold and make a statement in this lovely color!

Ruffles & pleats ..... Stand out and don't be discreet!

Let those blouse details be the focal point of your outfit.

Tassel earrings are literally everywhere.

Pick some up in any color at your fave store to accessorize your outfit!

Summer shades are always needed.

What's even better is playing around with the frame shape and color to really make a fun statement!

Go bolder with some shoulder!

Whether its a off the shoulder or a cold shoulder look.



Lets See What Trendy Looks You Will Love!


Trendy Fashion Looks: Jumpsuits and wide leg bottoms.

Trends: Florals prints, Ruffles, off the shoulder and one-shoulder tops.

Colors: Blush and pastels and bright colors.

Jewelry: Layering dainty necklaces with small chokers.

Footwear: Sneakers and heel bling

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