Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Style Consultant???

Professional Stylist, also known as a Style Consultant help clients craft their image, from casual or formal to social or professional. By collaborating together, clients can be confident and beautiful and show it to the world!


What Can A Style Consultant Do For Me???

Style Consultant can guide you in expressing and developing your unique sense of style! With the right wardrobe and a perfect fit, it can inspire you with confidence making you feel better than ever. Looking your best, will make you feel your best, which makes a stong and lasting impression.


Working With Shellz JaLisa???

As a professional Style Consultant I will provide you with a one on one personal experience. I begin by carefully listening to your needs by gathering information provided by you upon filling out your personalized wardrobe plan. Upon completion I develop a client profile to determine exactly what you want and some of the stores we can shop at to achieve our desired look. Once we have discussed the wardrobe my client needs and your goals I will then help you develop your own unique look!

Why Did You Start Controversy Closet?

Fashion has always played a big role in my life,  I've always been interested as a little girl in playing dress up and sewing my dolls clothes together. As I grew up nothing much has changed as far as my interests go towards fashion!

Where do you like to take clients shopping?

Whether it be your local shopping center, shopping strip or favorite store, I can shop with you anywhere and everywhere! Most clients choose to shop in malls as it’s convenient, but the choice is yours.

I don’t need a lot of advice. I just want someone to get my shopping done for me. Is that something you do?

Currently I do not offer that service but in due time. If you are a regular client,  I will understand your personal style and shopping needs and may be able to offer that service to some clients.

Can you teach me how to dress so I won’t need you every time I go shopping?

Throughout our shopping process I discuss constantly why we say yes to some article of clothing and why we say no to others. I will always point out the pros and cons of each article that you try on. I am always happy to answer any and all shopping and style questions you may have as we shop together.

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