Getting to Know Me!


Hey everyone, Welcome to my page.


   So the reason I started CONTROVERSY CLOSET is my obsession for fashion and the beauty industry. I've always had a passion for this and over the years it just continued to grow, I typically get asked questions about beauty and always have been for awhile, and I thought why not share what I love to do with everyone.

I love to look good with out having to break my pockets too much to achieve a look that may be trending. My page is all about looking good for less, from clothes, makeup, and hair, etc.


Trying to keep up with the trend can be pretty expensive, but you would be surprised to find how many different ways you can wear one article of clothing and make it look new every time. My goal is to help you achieve great looks on a budget.


CEO (Founder) Shellz JaLisa

The best part about styling people is watching you transform to feeling and looking like the best version of yourself... that is the most amazing part! I love to inspire people to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone... Its amazing what great results can be achieved by simply deciding to be open up to change, everyone should be able to experience the feeling of feeling and looking beautiful.

I'm all about inspiring and helping others to look as amazing as they feel by sharing my knowledge and new things I continue learn. In order to do so I've incorporated YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to help keep you trendy and looking your best even if I may not be with you.

Thank You for the support and I hope I can inspire you to try something different because

"When you dress confident... you feel confident... and you become confident."


Shellz JaLisa

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